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What is Diamond Painting? 

It is a picture that comes alive by following a grid. You stick a gem onto the corresponding number/symbol. Similar to paint by number.

What comes in a kit?

Everything you need to get started. The sticky picture with grid, the diamonds (resin or acrylic drills), an application pen, a tray and adhesive.

What is the difference between Full Drill and Partial Drill?

Full drill means you dot the whole picture. Partial drill means you dot a portion(s). Drill is another name for the dots.

What do the terms DMC and AB mean?

AB- "Aurora Borealis": They are extra-shiny diamonds.

DMC (Dollfus-Mieg and Company): color code that links to a specific drill color. If you need more of a certain color, use the chart to buy the correct color. The Diamond Dotz brand, have their own color chart.

What if I run out of drills?

Let us know. I have never run out of drills, but it can happen. 

What if I get something on the sticky part of the canvas?

Use baby wipes and gently rub it off. If you lose stickiness, there is Dotz Glue you can use. 

When trying to open a drill bag, there seems to be static and the drills fly all over. What can I do?

Use dryer sheets. I rub it on outside of bag and in tray before I pour them in. You can also open bag and gently rub the inside. 

What do I do with left over drills?

Anything you want! I store mine in a binder. You can fill glassware. You can buy wooden signs and stick the drills on with Dotz glue. You can get a blank sticky canvas and create your own design.

Can I diamond paint on a flat surface?

Yes. Diamond Paint where-ever you feel comfortable; flat table, art table, easel.

Is Diamond Painting easy to do?

YES! And Diamond Painting is for all ages. Follow the grid and place the drill on the corresponding symbol. You can use the pen that comes with the kit or use tweezers. If you place a wrong drill, use tweezers to take it off, gently. 

Do I need to seal my paintings?

No, this is up to you. I personally have not sealed any of mine and they are still in tact. However, if you would like to seal, I heard people use Modge Podge. 

Are you selling diamond painting accessories?

Not yet but hopefully soon. I do recommend a roller, mini containers + plus labels. Also, different sized applicator tips for pens. These allow you to place more than one drill down at a time.  

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